Welcome to Service Rendered Inc.

Our Mission

Service Rendered (formerly Straight Talk Vermont) is a Vermont-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization which runs youth development programs, events, and centers. Service Rendered is dedicated to helping individuals ages 14-25 with their goals and aspirations, while educating them on issues around drugs, alcohol, tobacco, HIV/AIDS, and STDs. We provide safe, encouraging centers and internship/community service opportunities in order to motivate our community towards a positive future.

Our Programs

Our art gallery, at CityPlace Burlington

Arts so Wonderful focuses on the development of artistic talent. While similar to Vermont Local Arts and Music, that program focuses on sharing local talent with the community, and this program focuses on developing talent, with opportunities including mural creation, dance, arts classes, dance classes, and an art gallery. Both are essential to our larger mission.

The Bad for You program provides education on alcohol, drug, and tobacco abuse, along with healthy alternatives to risky behaviors.

The Grand Opening of a Chill Out Center in the University Mall.

Our Chill Out Centers provide a safe space for Vermont youth to pursue their ambitions and become their best selves.

Cognize helps individuals identify when they are in high risk thinking patterns or situations— before they enter into them. This is done by identifying mindful ways to keep situations simple, so they may achieve their goals and be able to take in the true worth of everything they encounter.

Get Fit Vermont is our fitness program providing opportunities for: walking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, dancing, and traditional exercises.

Life Support Vermont provides HIV/AIDS/STD education and testing in addition to resume writing and job information.

Starving Minds Book Club is a thought-provoking book club that encourages individuals to read and report out on any subject, while developing their individuality and creativity.

Straight Talk Vermont supports incarcerated youth by offering opportunities, advice, and hope.

Youth paint a mural at the University Mall. We provide graffiti removal around Vermont, replacing scrawled spray paint with art.

United College Club empowers college students to better the community, working in tandem with organizations like Chittenden County United Way. Individuals 18-25 are invited to collaboratively pursue their goals and aspirations; participate in community service, education, internship, job shadowing; and enjoy events which bring together colleges in Vermont.

Vermont Local Arts and Music (VLAM) provides youth with opportunities to showcase their talents in venues around Vermont, and helps them learn the ins and outs of music theory and recording.

Our History

Service Rendered helps youth achieve their dreams and aspirations, along with numerous other programs beneficial to the community, and has been doing so for over two decades.

Spearheading our work is a series of “Chill Out Centers” manned in every mall in the State of Vermont. These provide a safe and edifying home away from home. They also have enabled us to run hundreds of events and programs.

Our efforts have been lauded by dignitaries including Senator Bernie Sanders (VT), Senator Patrick Leahy (VT), and Governor Phil Scott (VT).

“Keep up the great work”

Senator Bernie Sanders